Introducing Team MIS

Management Information System

  • Multimedia
  • Systems Development
  • Data Banking
  • And more...

Reiner Jun Alminaza

The current director of MIS is a dynamic and friendly person, always approachable from any angle. He currently teaches IT-related courses. When not in director mode, his other time is spent with his wife and daughter.

Mark Laurence Faigones

A multimedia expert extraordinaire, Mark's content creation skills ranges from static digital content to cinematic videos and occasional drone shots. He enjoys grinding his running shoes on road or off trails in his spare time.

Nico Amarilla

A programmer with career spanning more than a decade involving various computer languages and technologies. He enjoys not looking at his computer during weekends.

Keisha Dawn Gadian

The rose among the thorns, Keisha is the bubbly and approachable person you'll see in our office. When not working, she enjoys being a mom.

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